Web / IT Consulting

Information Services are becoming the backbone of modern organizations that provide world class service to their customers. From being an enabler, IT is becoming a competitive tool in the hands of company that use them well. Through our Web / IT Consulting services we help organizations to plan, control and improve their Information Services.

Mapping business requirements to IT systems is crucial for meeting the objectives of computerization. A poorly designed IT system will not only fail to meet business objectives but will also create new problems. We document customer’s business processes and create a solution architecture that may be used for developing new software or comparing with off-the-shelf solutions.

The potential of the web to generate business and build credibility is huge. Building your own website is a lot like being general contractor during construction of a new building- you have to find the right professionals and coordinate the different parts of the work they each need to complete.

An effective website requires a clear definition of goals, comprehensive planning, and expert execution. These requirements cover a wide range of skill sets; you might have an excellent designer who is unable to get your site ranked well on the search engines. You may have great site traffic, but you aren't getting many sales. We can help.

Cherisys Technologies focuses on the big picture and helps you map a strategy to achieve your web site goals. Our consulting includes goal setting, target audience definition, marketing strategies, and usability testing, copywriting, and search engine optimization. For sites that have not yet been built or are ready to undergo a transformation, we offer comprehensive information architecture planning.